The Nines

It’s over. All that has been is now over. I’m talking about the last 9 years. What began nine years ago is over. How do I know this? I know this because 2016 was a 9 year. I will explain.

We order our universe by numbers, starting with 1 and ending in 9 (0 is a null number, or place holder, to mark magnitude). Every number after 9 is already claimed as being a combination of numbers 1 through 9. We use numbers to describe our universe: our address, our telephone number, our age, our vitals. Math, or numbers describe functions within our universe, both movement and measurement. Numbers mark time. Numbers even describe us, through our name.

Each letter of the alphabet is a number. A, J, and S are the number 1, B, K, T the number 2, C, L, U the number 3, and so on. When you add up the numbers of your name, that represents a composite of you, each individual number signaling an energy that is of you. For instance, Robert is R (9), O (6), B (2), E (5), R (9), T (2); adding these numbers yields the number 15 or to single digits, 6. Six is an energy characterized by a nurturing quality, an inclination toward domesticity and love of family. If your given name on your birth certificate is Robert, does this describe you? In your name is one 6 and two 2’s and one 5. The number 2 energy is that of wanting to be in relationship. The single 5 denotes comfort with change, meaning change is good, breaking the mold of what is to create something new is always on your mind.

The ancient philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras (inventor of the Pythagorean Theorem), is generally accepted as the founder of the Science of Numbers. He assigned numbers to all aspects of life, even music. He recognized that numbers characterized energy, that energy of different frequencies existed, and all things seen and unseen vibrated at different frequencies—even people. We sense this somatically about people. We recognize differences among people, not by skin color or religion, but by frequency. Places also differ in frequency. Think of sacred places, the beach, inside a centuries-old Duomo in Italy—we recognize a difference in that place compared with others. When I moved to my current home nearly five years ago, the numbers added up to 9. The number 9 is about completion. I was dying at the time I moved to that house and it surely was to be my last house.

The year 2016 adds up to 9. The 9 year ended on December 31, 2016. When I look at the energy of completion, I look nine years earlier to see what got started in the 1 year, 2007. What started then that carried us through the next 9 years and ended on December 31, 2016? The election of Barak Hussein Obama. His campaign was going in earnest (starting its momentum toward the White House) in 2007. It is no surprise then, that the reign of Obama was being dismantled soon after the end of 2016 with the selection of Cabinet members, and plans for derailment of the Obama legacy. Clearly, the energy changed, and the world is experiencing a different energy now.

The thing about completion is, you get to start anew in the 1 year. I started my 9 year last fall, but I will not die. I have chosen to continue, but I will live a distinctly different life, such a life is rolling out as I write this blog. By next fall I will be fully into my new life. Same with our current circumstances politically. We have already begun a new life, distinctly different from the one we came to expect for the last 9 years. We have the opportunity to create it as we want it now. How will you change the energy of this time?

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