Pain III (the third in a series)

November 3, 2019

Pain is a necessary part of our lives. It teaches us what we shouldn’t do. Not all pain is equal though. Physical pain is not the same as emotional pain. We have discussed emotional pain to some extent. We must go further on emotional pain first, before we talk about physical pain, because emotional pain is almost always the precursor ...

By Annette00

Pain II (the second in the series)

November 3, 2019

Earlier I talked about how emotional pain is the result of words, words meant to hurt, to abuse, to cut down a person’s character, which set up conflict within belief systems of the body regarding who you are, and that conflict activates a cascade of chemical flows that corrupt the internal messaging of the body. Over time the onslaught of ...

By Annette00

Pain (The First in a Series)

November 2, 2019

Pain, whether emotional or physical, is scary. We ask ourselves, will it get worse? Will I be able to handle it? What does it mean? These questions and others like it inevitably make the pain worse, because fear activates pain. Is it possible to live in a pain-less world? No. Is it possible to do something about pain that doesn’t ...

By Annette00

The Heavy (and False) Weight of Guilt

June 11, 2017

If you turn into yourself and look at what you’ve done, who you’ve been, do you feel any guilt? Do you feel its twin brother, remorse? If you do, I have some important information for you: guilt/remorse are false emotions in that you are not truly responsible for others’ actions, or reactions. I know, this sounds blasphemous, incredible, given our ...

By Annette02

Do Dogs Reincarnate?

June 4, 2017

The movie, “A Dog’s Purpose” suggests that they do. At the beginning of the movie, a voice is heard asking all the questions most of us ask such as “What is the meaning of life?” As this voice is heard, the blurry, swirling background morphs into a pile of puppies vying for real estate and a meal beside their mother’s ...

By Annette03

To Spirit Enthusiasts–Warning!

May 28, 2017

While learning about our connection to the spirit world is essential to understanding soul evolvement and our own progress as a soul life after life, it is important to not engage with spirits on your own. I say this because, though there are souls in the other realm whose purpose it is to watch over us and help us gain ...

By Annette02

Celebrating Life

May 16, 2017

Today the ascension of Jesus is celebrated around the world. According to the Bible, Jesus rose up three days after being crucified on the cross. His disappearance from the cave in which he was placed after death is supposed to be proof that he was the Son of God. A whole new religion was born from this act, Christianity, and ...

By Annette00

What Makes Life?

March 23, 2017

So much is said about the growth of human beings, but is that the whole story? From the start, where does the element of life come from? What makes a clump of flesh alive? In asking such questions, usually religion gets involved, but it doesn’t have to. The fact is, all exists, all the time. All that is, exists within ...

By Annette00

Being In Relationship

February 17, 2017

I was talking to a dear friend of mine tonight who was recounting the loss of a potential love affair. She had met him on a dating site and for months he had regaled her with praise of her attributes and general attractiveness. He invited her to fly away with him to exotic places that he tended to frequent. She’d ...

By Annette00


February 8, 2017

Integrative Medicine purports to include alternative treatment modalities but in practice, few integrative medicine programs include much beyond acupuncture and yoga. A 2012 report of The Bravewell Collective, an association of 29 academic clinical centers across the U.S. (“Integrative Medicine in America”), states that interventions prescribed most frequently across all conditions, in descending order, were

By Annette00

Struggle is the Inflammatory Process

February 8, 2017

Do you struggle? Do you struggle with your monthly bills? With your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband over who you are as a person? Do you put extra effort into unscrewing a too-tight lid? Struggle is a natural process. To quote someone who knows well what struggle is, “…It is at the base of every energetic and physiologic process, good and bad for you…Every ...

By Annette00

LA LA LAND Revisited

January 30, 2017

(Spoiler Alert!) All is not what it seems—even in the movies. Life, as in dreams (more on that later), is symbolic in nature. What we experience in relationships, life events and self-exploration is essentially symbolic. Much of my book is dedicated to this topic. What I mean is, the person you are having a relationship with is there to give ...

By Annette01