In the ten years since I developed my last A Quantum Moment website I’ve learned what I set out to discover in doing so. A Quantum Moment of ten years ago was a place to come and learn about the science of the quantum energy field. It was a place to learn about researchers in the forefront of consciousness-based inquiry. It was a place to explore your own experiences and hear of others’.

Since the exploding planet and twirling equations of my last website I have learned first-hand about consciousness, how it can move freely, unbound by time and place. I have learned first-hand about psychic phenomena, how such experiences are simply the result of using a broader spectrum of sensory awareness. I have become a healer–no, more accurately an aid to healing, for I now understand what healing is, what it takes to truly heal and the role of the vast, intelligent quantum energy field that accomplishes the tasks necessary for healing.

I invite you to visit my new home, a place where you will learn much more–about the universe, your part in it, and your life story.


  • I am a 71-year-old woman who has a masters in nursing. I have been practicing my profession for nearly 50 years and have a strong trust of western medicine. That being said, I have had a few medical challenges over the past several years and have sought the aid of alternative medicine along with western medicine. I have consulted with Annette over the years and have experienced distant healing through her on at least three occasions which I found very helpful. There was one occasion that stands out in my mind. I had a severe cough that kept me up all night (may have been whooping cough). I was being treated for it by my physician, but nothing was helping. This was the first time I worked with Annette to do distant healing. It was a very easy process where I gave her permission to enter my body and I tried to relax during the energetic healing session. I felt nothing except that I didn’t cough for a solid 3 hours (a miracle to me) and was able to finally rest. After that session, I had more energy and, though still coughed, this illness fully resolved shortly afterwards…

    – Diane F.

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  • First of all I will say I had suffered from low back pain for the greater part of my adult life. The pain was of varying intensity, nearly always present. I no longer suffer from back pain. On occasion I will experience some soreness after strenuous effort using my low back. This healing has been brought about through treatment given by Annette Goggio…

    – Steven G.

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  • It was fate that brought my family to Annette Goggio. I was not intentionally searching for help when I bumped into her but as fate would have it, our lives would change forever. My husband had recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 54. Annette began treatment sessions on him leading up to his surgery and continued following his post operative care. The surgery to remove his prostate was a success and the cancer was gone with no need for additional treatment thereafter. The funny thing is my husband was completely oblivious to Annette’s “energy healing” intentions and techniques, meaning he was simply participating in the treatments without fully understanding or necessarily believing in them. The treatments were a successful part of his positive health outcome and we are so grateful to Annette!…

    – Gigi H.

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  • My little Yorkie, Bailey, had an extremely aggressive bone eating disease that started on his toenail.  The only option that the Veterinarian had was to amputate his toe before it went into his foot. The surgery was a relatively simple surgery.  The challenge that she had was his trachea. A portion of his trachea had been collapsed for about 4 years. The last time that she had done surgery on him it was touch and go after the breathing tube was removed………. trying to keep the collapsed portion of his trachea open.  I reached out to Annie……. She and her Guide, Jonathan, were with Bailey remotely during the surgery. They were able to keep his trachea completely open during and after the surgery when the breathing tube was removed. The Vet couldn’t believe how well he did. She had to end up removing 2 of his toes but was able to remove all of the diseased area before it could go any further.  He recovered very quickly and didn’t even miss his 2 toes! What a Blessing! I truly believe in the type of Spirit Guided Energy work that Annie can do….

    – Joan J.

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  • I am a retired primary care physician and have worked as a client of Annette Goggio’s for about a year.  I consider myself as a spiritual rather than practicing religious individual who believes in the existence of a higher being or form of universal consciousness.  I personally do not believe in reincarnation or the after life. Although Anne also offers regression therapy to help one uncover a past life or lives, I chose not to partake of that option.  She is non judgmental and never pushes the client in a direction that they choose not to follow….

    – Joel F.

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What do you struggle with?


Is your illness a subtle way of avoiding the experience of life, of emotions?

Moving Sideways?

Are you moving sideways instead of forward? Are you buying into the notion that you are not in charge?
You are in charge. In your universe.


Are you confused about the ‘Why ‘and the ‘What For’ of life and meaning?


A matter of props: who, what about, where and how. Learning.


What is not seen but always active, always moving in your favor.


Now that’s a deep subject. It has to do with your soul growth.


Understanding love in all its forms: the obvious and the obscure.


Is everything.

What is a Quantum Moment?

The universe does not act in the way we have been taught it does.

Scientists since the 17th century have described the universe as akin to a clock, mechanical in nature, consisting of some physical matter with a lot of space in between, and that physical matter as separate from all other matter and interaction of physical matter only possible if a force is put upon it to collide with other physical matter some distance away. Recent research in the field of physics at the quantum level (the term physics, the study of physical forces or physical aspects, reveals the bias in scientific research toward physical structures), tells us that this is not the case. The universe, in fact, is a massive, interconnected energy field, which has in it physical matter that is itself, condensed energy (the wave collapsed to particle form) and responds, as does the energy field, to other energy fields in the universe, such as radiation, electromagnetic waves, microwaves, subtle energies, thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings? Yes. Thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings generate energy fields. Thoughts and feelings generate information, and it is information that is carried throughout the universe, constantly, affecting it, constantly.

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Healing is a Quantum Phenomenon

Most people do not understand the healing process, nor do they care to. If healing involves a pill and the pill alleviates the noxious symptoms then great, done. Most doctors don’t understand the healing process other than perhaps the specific actions of the drug they are administering. I’ve heard a physician say on a call with a number of doctors from academic clinical centers around the U.S. that “healing is a mystery after all.” Healing is not a mystery, but its nature may surprise you…. Continued (Read More)

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