What is Energy Medicine?

All alternative or complementary medicine modalities involve manipulating the body’s energy system. Even if a modality appears to be something physical, like a flower essence or homeopathic remedy, such are in solution but energetically derived or based. The intent is to influence the energy of the body in some way.

More hands-on approaches such as Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, Healing Touch, Touch for Health, etc., utilize the energy of the practitioner or the practitioner’s tools (magnets, crystals, stones) to intervene. It is fair to say that supplements, raw vegan diet plans and yoga also intervene in the energy flows of the body, because they each impart an energetic message to the body (though few would tout this as its primary benefit). Each modality contains a philosophy of health as defined energetically and physically, each modality contains a regimen of treatment principles and protocols, and ways of testing the need for and efficacy of treatment. If a set of activities or substances affect the energy systems of the body for its betterment, it is energy medicine.

I wish to add here that there are levels of intervention in energy medicine, depending upon the vibratory nature of the application given. This distinction is important because the best outcomes are achieved by matching the level of disorganization of the energy systems with the vibratory nature of the treatment. In other words, if only a melody is needed, the full orchestra isn’t required and could serve to obscure the melody.

I see three levels of energetic intervention related to the idea of vibratory level.

  1. I see the lower vibratory interventions as consisting of chemical energy as in pharmaceuticals, supplements, homeopathic remedies, naturopathic medicine and flower essences. They can be all that is required in certain disease conditions.
  2. The next level of intervention is direct manipulation of the energy systems of the client as in acupuncture, and hands-on techniques of Eden Energy Medicine, EFT, Touch for Health, and Reiki (and those like it). Again, these interventions can be highly effective in certain disease conditions.
  3. In those cases of intractable chronic disease conditions that have not been bettered by other levels of energy application, the highest level of intervention may be required, that of energy channeled from the other realm through a healer and directed to the person wherever it is needed (unknown by the healer). This is level of energy medicine in which I work.

My Energy Medicine Practice:

Though I have been trained in hands-on techniques through the Eden Energy Medicine Certification program, as well as in other programs and classes, I choose to work exclusively now in the spiritual realm of energy medicine as taught by Dixie Yeterian. In this area of energy medicine I am no longer thinking of myself as the healer. Healing is truly the process of bringing information from the other realm that the body needs to correct itself in its energetic and subsequent physical functioning. I am manipulating the person’s energy and physical systems and sometimes (as in distant healing) I can see such manipulation taking place, but I am not the director of the healing, I am the conduit. Success is dependent upon the contract between the person and his/her (God, Spirit, higher power, intelligent energy field). I am the middleman, the receptionist, interpreter, teacher, and confidant. It is healing at the highest, most purposeful level.

Success is dependent on several factors: 1) whether or not the disease condition is the way in which the person intends to exit this life, and has or has not changed his/her mind about exiting; 2) the emotional landscape that has given rise to the dis-ease and subsequent physical illness will change; 3) the person understands his/her larger story—the role that the disease plays, what set it up, what keeps it going, what has to change, what has to be given up to make that change; 4) the person is able to develop a deeper relationship with the HEALER though meditation, prayer, thoughtfulness, mindfulness and acceptance of all that is; and lastly, 5) the person can develop a love and appreciation for self.

What I offer is counseling, dream interpretation, hands-on healing and distant healing. All involve information from the other realm. All is healing.

How do I become a Patient of this Practice

What is required from a prospective patient is:

First, a photo, up close, face front, eyes open, without glasses, and the name given to you at the time of birth as written on the birth certificate and the date of birth (time of birth is not needed). This will tell me if we are energetically compatible. I can only help those who are energetically compatible with me. If we are not the treatments simply will not work.

Second, I need a completed questionnaire that asks about your social and medical history. This gives me some background on your current state of mind and health.

Third, I need a commitment from you to not use any other energy practitioners, masseuses, or any person who may convey energy to you during the time you will be seeing me (this includes psychiatrists and psychologists). The reason for this is that the combination of energies applied to your body could be harmful so that is why it has to be limited to one energy only. The reason why I cannot treat someone who is seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist concurrently (unless I have written permission from your psychiatrist or psychologist who understands the nature of the treatment given) is that we will be talking often about soul evolvement, dreams and past life memories that your mental health professional may object to or try to talk you out of listening to. That situation works against what I have to offer you. Additionally, talk therapy conveys energy and your body is always listening.

Fourth, that you download the digital version (ebook) or purchase and read at least the first third of my book, Healing: A Conversation, before committing to treatment by me because the book will be used as a reference for work that we will be doing together and explains both the approach and content of my work.

I know this is a lot to ask, but all are necessary for reasons I have mentioned.

Lastly, a telephone appointment in which we will talk about the work and how and when we can start.


  • I am a 71-year-old woman who has a masters in nursing. I have been practicing my profession for nearly 50 years and have a strong trust of western medicine. That being said, I have had a few medical challenges over the past several years and have sought the aid of alternative medicine along with western medicine. I have consulted with Annette over the years and have experienced distant healing through her on at least three occasions which I found very helpful. There was one occasion that stands out in my mind. I had a severe cough that kept me up all night (may have been whooping cough). I was being treated for it by my physician, but nothing was helping. This was the first time I worked with Annette to do distant healing. It was a very easy process where I gave her permission to enter my body and I tried to relax during the energetic healing session. I felt nothing except that I didn’t cough for a solid 3 hours (a miracle to me) and was able to finally rest. After that session, I had more energy and, though still coughed, this illness fully resolved shortly afterwards…

    – Diane F.

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  • First of all I will say I had suffered from low back pain for the greater part of my adult life. The pain was of varying intensity, nearly always present. I no longer suffer from back pain. On occasion I will experience some soreness after strenuous effort using my low back. This healing has been brought about through treatment given by Annette Goggio…

    – Steven G.

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  • It was fate that brought my family to Annette Goggio. I was not intentionally searching for help when I bumped into her but as fate would have it, our lives would change forever. My husband had recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 54. Annette began treatment sessions on him leading up to his surgery and continued following his post operative care. The surgery to remove his prostate was a success and the cancer was gone with no need for additional treatment thereafter. The funny thing is my husband was completely oblivious to Annette’s “energy healing” intentions and techniques, meaning he was simply participating in the treatments without fully understanding or necessarily believing in them. The treatments were a successful part of his positive health outcome and we are so grateful to Annette!…

    – Gigi H.

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  • My little Yorkie, Bailey, had an extremely aggressive bone eating disease that started on his toenail.  The only option that the Veterinarian had was to amputate his toe before it went into his foot. The surgery was a relatively simple surgery.  The challenge that she had was his trachea. A portion of his trachea had been collapsed for about 4 years. The last time that she had done surgery on him it was touch and go after the breathing tube was removed………. trying to keep the collapsed portion of his trachea open.  I reached out to Annie……. She and her Guide, Jonathan, were with Bailey remotely during the surgery. They were able to keep his trachea completely open during and after the surgery when the breathing tube was removed. The Vet couldn’t believe how well he did. She had to end up removing 2 of his toes but was able to remove all of the diseased area before it could go any further.  He recovered very quickly and didn’t even miss his 2 toes! What a Blessing! I truly believe in the type of Spirit Guided Energy work that Annie can do….

    – Joan J.

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  • I am a retired primary care physician and have worked as a client of Annette Goggio’s for about a year.  I consider myself as a spiritual rather than practicing religious individual who believes in the existence of a higher being or form of universal consciousness.  I personally do not believe in reincarnation or the after life. Although Anne also offers regression therapy to help one uncover a past life or lives, I chose not to partake of that option.  She is non judgmental and never pushes the client in a direction that they choose not to follow….

    – Joel F.

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