Healing: A Conversation

Desperately ill with a brain infection, Ms. Goggio begins a review of her life. Each morning before waking, she finds herself observing a particular time, a particular place in which she views with remorse events that unfold before her eyes. From that review comes a word or phrase that she knows she must write down, so she does, and the conversation begins.

She hears a voice talking to her, and she responds, never knowing where the conversation is heading, never editing the words or questioning them, just writing them down. She comes to understand that the voice is her Guidance, Jonathan, the soul from the other realm that created her and watches over her, life after life, guiding her to her best being, her best learning as a soul. This illness is a life lesson, he says, and he imparts to her the pathway to healing. A pathway for everyone. She knows she must follow it, however difficult, to achieve redemption, the redeeming of her energetic, physical and spiritual self.

The conversations give you a glimpse into a larger world, a world of dreams and past-life memories that enhance our understanding of who we are and why we are here. It answers the larger questions we seek every day.

These conversations between Annette and Jonathan reveal the purpose and meaning of life events, of relationships, of work and place—for all of us—to heal ourselves from illness, from a broken heart, from loss of any kind. There is work for you to do in each conversation if you so choose. There is love in every word.

Readers’ comments:

“This book is a gift to the human race of colossal proportion.”
“This book will help you shine light on areas of your soul that you couldn’t see. Annette’s journey is a brilliant and touching glimpse into the possibility of healing and redemption.”
“Ms. Goggio’s spectacular, honest rendering of her astounding journey of healing is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Her brave disclosures have been life-changing for me in pursuing wellness, recovery and deeper spirituality in every aspect of my life. Everyone needs to read and learn from this inspiring and remarkable book.”
“This remarkable book breaks new ground in its account of healing as a platform for understanding the greatest aspects of life, that of relationships, life purpose and the intentional education of the soul.”
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