What is a Quantum Moment?

The universe does not act in the way we have been taught it does. Scientists since the 17th century have described the universe as akin to a clock, mechanical in nature, consisting of some physical matter with a lot of space in between, and that physical matter as separate from all other matter and interaction of physical matter only possible if a force is put upon it to collide with other physical matter some distance away. Recent research in the field of physics at the quantum level (the term physics, the study of physical forces or physical aspects, reveals the bias in scientific research toward physical structures), tells us that this is not the case. The universe, in fact, is a massive, interconnected energy field, which has in it physical matter that is itself, condensed energy (the wave collapsed to particle form) and responds, as does the energy field, to other energy fields in the universe, such as radiation, electromagnetic waves, microwaves, subtle energies, thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings? Yes. Thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings generate energy fields. Thoughts and feelings generate information, and it is information that is carried throughout the universe, constantly, affecting it, constantly.

All cases of psychic phenomena reveal the nature of the universe as it really behaves.

Telepathy: thoughts (information) passed from person to person through the quantum energy field.

Clairvoyance/ESP: information received by a person as an image about a past, current or future event that traveled across the quantum energy field.

Precognition: information about a future event perceived as an image by a person.

Mind/Matter Interaction: thoughts and more importantly, feelings affecting the operation of a machine.

Survival Phenomena: memory received as an image by a person of a past life.

These so-called psychic phenomena are just the experience of seeing the effect of broadcasting and perceiving information that is not bound by time or geography. The universe (the energy field) exists without limitation of time or place.
So you are not crazy if you experience these phenomena. You just have a larger antenna (receiver) system than other people do. Your bandwidth for perceiving the universe is greater than others. Nothing else.

What I call a quantum moment is the moment when you perceive the universe in the way it is actually constructed.

  • A quantum moment is when we share others’ thoughts without speaking.
  • A quantum moment is when you see an image in your head that later, turns out to happen.
  • A quantum moment is when you observe that something you needed, desired shows up in your life in a surprising way.
  • A quantum moment is when you meet someone for the first time but you know this person somehow very well.
  • A quantum moment is when, in a dream, you see yourself flying…you really are (or more accurately, your astral body is)!
  • A quantum moment is when you see the person you love change dramatically at the moment of death, and see a trail of light leading away from the body.

Evidence abounds of the quantum energy field weaving through our experience of living in this dimension we call Earth, we are just talked out of it. Here is a place to lean in to the existence of the quantum energy field and learn how knowing about it enhances, grounds and explains our lives.

What is the Nature of the Soul?

The concept of soul is not the invention or property of any religion. It exists without any relationship to teachings. The soul, is a thing, an energy force, it is life itself. The soul is an integral part of the quantum energy field, that is, by definition, the universe. This life force is tangible in people, you can perceive the soul in a person, and you can see that it is not present when a person is not alive. Being the product of the universe, it carries the memory of all that is, all that has been and all that will be. Each individual soul is “born” (created by another soul) and is a member of a soul family. The one creating the soul looks on and guides that soul much like a child, from that time on, to gain specific experiences that will ultimately lead that soul to greatest compassion and empathy toward other souls, and alignment with the intelligence of the universe.

What is the Body Versus the Soul?

The body is made to house the soul and to present the soul to the learning environment (Earth) in such a way as to provide the most likely experiences intended for the soul. The soul chooses the physical features: skin, hair, body type, gender, all other physical aspects. The soul chooses the parents, the biological family and the geographic location of birth and the carrying out of life events. The personality of the soul is associated with the age of the soul. The soul’s urgings, proclivities, sensory perceptions, emotional bank account and life intention goes with a specific life story the soul wants to achieve in a given life. Though these aspects will set up the soul for certain experiences, the soul still has free will and can choose to avoid certain life lessons, returning again, another time when such will be accomplished, perhaps in a different body, in a different part of the world, through a different set of parents and biological family. So, the body is, in a way, the carrier of the soul and the stage setting–part of the set of props that will set forth dramas that will evoke emotional response, which is where learning occurs.

What are Life Lessons?

Every time you are born here on Earth, you have been given a lesson plan, one in which you have played a large part in constructing or perhaps no part at all. The point of living out a life on Earth is to gain experience, emotional experience, as well as experience in practical matters such as how to get along with others and make sure you have the resources to support your life such as food, shelter, water. Though it seems implausible, the more times you are born and work through your lesson plan, the more you understand of yourself as a soul and others around you. You never get a pass. There is always something you are intended to learn.

At first, you need to learn the basics: how to survive the climate and environmental conditions you have been born into; then as you master the ability to care for your basic needs you find that living among a group of people increases your ability to garner the resources you need—you learn to share those resources, without killing each other.  Once learned, you shift into a new set of lesson plans, having to do with personal power: you begin to see a power hierarchy among the members of the group, some having a lot of power, others living under the rules of those in power; as you grow as a soul in this phase you adopt certain skills or abilities that are attractive to those in power and by utilizing those skills and abilities you gain personal power by association. Many lifetimes are spent in this phase learning what power is, who has it and how to get it for yourself.

Being admired for your skills and abilities equates to personal power over others, so much effort is made to affect admiration from others. At some point, sharing power through admiration is not what you want, respect is, so you determine to learn the rules of living on Earth as an individual that gains you respect, usually from hard work. Your focus shifts from others to yourself and whether or not you and others respect how you are living. Hard work and following the rules are the keys to success.

After several lifetimes of following the rules you yearn to move outside of the rules and reject any and all who chastise you for doing so, you don’t care what anyone thinks of you anymore, only that you be free to do what your soul urges you to do, and that may mean hurting a lot of people along the way. In fact you have not gained a conscience yet, so hurting people, wrecking previous relationships and generally mangling life around you is of no consequence emotionally, it is actually thrilling to your soul to move in this way. This way of living eventually catches up with you and you shift into the phase of experiencing what it feels like to be hurt, abused, mangled. You develop a conscience and that remorse from previous lives haunt you for several lifetimes as you gain emotional experience in being victimized.

When you’ve had enough, you start taking care of yourself, protecting yourself from your abusers and become a very nurturing person, where family and friends are the most important aspects of your life. At first you tend to give too much to others and not enough to yourself but you make a correction later in your serial lifetimes to achieve balance on that score. As you move to take better and better care of yourself you internalize and yearn to learn more about the world on an intellectual level. You increase your analytical abilities tremendously and gain real expertise in various areas. As you do so, you become less emotional and more analytical, judging everyone around you as to their own analytical abilities and tend to discriminate against souls who are in other phases of soul growth. Real contributions are made to society through your expertise and after many, many lifetimes those contributions lead to a bettering of the world, so a humanitarian urge begins.

This soul growth phase utilizes all the experiences one has gained being other types of people, in all sorts of situations and circumstances and leads to experiencing compassion for others, having been so many different people as a soul. Your life’s work is dedicated to helping others in a deep way, understanding their trials and suffering, as you did as you grew as a soul.

The soul does not stop there, at the end of this journey of soul growth, there are others as well, in unending cycles. You never stop learning as a soul, but what has been described is what happens here in this dimension, on Earth, the schoolyard for souls.

Therefore, your life lessons are associated with the specific phase you are in as a growing soul. The events in your life, your relationships, your work situations serve as props for the learning you intended or were required of you when you came here.

What is the Role of Illness in Life Lessons?

People get ill for a few reasons, and yes, illness always plays a part in life lessons. Illness is the breaking down of the body, the imperfect functioning of a body part or the invasion of a damaging element that interrupts the normal operation of the body. We can recover quickly if we act in a way that responds to the reason for the damage. We have to first know the reason, and that’s the difficult part.

Because we are so well versed in the ways of modern medicine and its prowess in redirecting illness processes through mostly chemical means, we rarely stop to analyze, why did I get ill? We grasp the offerings of the medical establishment and hope for the best. In most cases where the onslaught of damage is continuing, our dependence on chemicals is required to go on living the best life we can hope for given our circumstances. The circumstances are the answer to the question, why did I get ill?

Though we have adopted a regimen of pill-taking for our symptoms to subside, we still go to work with the boss that demands more from us than we are capable of providing or preys on us for his/her own empowerment; we come home to the same relationship that offers less and less loving and more and more conflict over things that seem unsolvable; we drink or take other drugs to dull our senses because the world seems too much, just too much of this and that, and sleep evades us without them, and loving oneself is impossible. Illness, like drugs, is a way of escaping the “just too much” of life that we are in. It is a strategy.

With illness, if it goes on long enough, with enough disruptors to the ordinary functioning of life, we can say, wait a minute, I need time to myself, I need to get some love, NOW. Luckily, some of that time and love can be made available during illness, through friends, family members, paid health care workers. Sometimes that dose of time and love can mend a broken heart, and we heal. When it doesn’t, it is time to look elsewhere—the meaning of our life story.

Our life story is in the details. The patterns that emerge when viewing a lifetime—the relationships, the life events, what we’ve accomplished, or not. Life story is the plot map that shows the life lessons repeating, over and over, the same set ups, perhaps different props but the same set ups, the same scenes, the same outcomes, the same emotional reactions. If we can pull apart these repeating patterns, see them as repeating set ups for a life lesson, we can start to heal the emotional injuries in them, release the anger, resentment, fear, guilt, remorse, grief, self-loathing that undermines the structure and operation of the body suit we are wearing to house our soul. This release is necessary to stop the continuing injury of memory. This release is necessary on both a physical and energetic level because we are made of two body suits—one physical and one energetic.

So illness is the product of a complex set of expectations: that living is unbearable because of _________________; that life, as it is, will not change, that I cannot change, my relationships can’t change; this is what I’m stuck with, etc., etc., etc. Illness is given to us, in order to change. By understanding the purpose of the relationships we have with friends, loved ones, bosses we can begin to see how each present us with an opportunity to change our reaction to the conflicts that are created within them. Emotions are optional. We can choose from any number of emotions at any given time. Understanding the set up for the life lesson we are intended to have by being in that relationship makes the conflict much less personal, and as such, much less emotional. We can take from it the evidence that we are in school, learning to be complex souls, by experiencing the gamut of all lives possible.

What is the Energy Body?

The human body is made up of both physical and energetic components. On the physical side, we know that the body has in it discrete systems, dedicated to a specific function such as the cardiopulmonary system made up of the heart, the lungs, the arteries and veins, which pump and carry oxygen and other substances throughout the body. The body also has discrete energetic systems, dedicated to a specific function. Because this energetic framework is rarely talked about or learned in medical schools or other schools of higher learning other than professional schools of energy medicine, these systems will be described below.

The Chakras

The systems most commonly referred to in present day educational programs and historical texts are 1) the chakras, 2) the meridians, and 3) the aura. All programs recognize at least seven chakras that are located along the midline of the body: the first or root chakra is located at the coccyx or tip of the spine; the second or gonad chakra is just below the belly button and slightly off-center to the right; the third or solar plexus chakra is between the belly button and the rib cage at the level of the adrenal glands; the fourth or heart chakra is in the center of the chest at the level of the thymus gland; the fifth or throat chakra lies at the base of the skull at the hypothalamus gland; the sixth or third-eye chakra is in the center of the forehead at the level of the pituitary gland and the seventh or crown chakra is at the top of the head where the fontanel or baby’s soft spot is located. The spinning energy centers connect both to the aura and to the meridian system and to the tissues and organs in their region.

There is some difference of opinion on the role of these chakras with regard to the tissues and organs, but my experience and what I have been taught by Dixie Yeterian (my mentor) is the following:

  1. The root chakra is called the physical body energy center as it supplies vital energy to all the other chakras, which in turn, supply energy to the tissues and organs they govern. Its energy is life force energy (some call it Kundalini). If there is a blockage or diminishment of life force energy in the root chakra a person will experience depression, general nervousness, and loss of vitality throughout the chakra system, and will physically affect the kidneys, lower colon and circulation to the lower legs.
  2. The gonad chakra stores information on mundane matters, mostly how to survive in the earthly plane and be a member of society. It governs the reproductive organs, the upper colon, bladder and lower back. Blockage of the energy in this chakra is often from a fear of loss of security and lack of belief in self to manage one’s life successfully.  The blockage affects those very areas of the body it governs.
  3. The solar plexus chakra is the energy center for creative talents and proclivities. Blockage in this chakra as a result of blocked creative expression causes extreme anxiety, hyperactivity, over-sensitivity and general nervousness. It also affects the stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, nervous and circulatory systems.
  4. The heart chakra is the emotional energy center of the body and those who operate predominantly out of this chakra are very emotional and feel compelled to give and receive love in their lives. Blockage occurs in this chakra if they are not able to do so, which causes a sense of overwhelming grief, heart, lung and upper spine problems.
  5. The throat chakra governs the thyroid and parathyroid glands, the throat, and the mouth. People who operate predominantly out of this chakra are highly analytical, mostly uncomfortable with emotion. Often the energy of this chakra gets blocked by guilt, which affects all the organs it governs.
  6. The third-eye chakra is the center of extrasensory perception, where we experience intuitive communication and telepathy. It does not store emotion or affect any physical organs.
  7. The crown chakra is a release valve for the release of non-constructive emotions or thoughts that get stored up in the other chakras (other than the third-eye chakra) or in the body in general. For proper circulation of energy from the earth up the body and out the crown chakra and back down and around in a cycle, this chakra must remain open at all times. Blockage in this chakra results in headaches, and tension in the neck and shoulders.

In addition to these seven chakras that are generally agreed upon, Dixie Yeterian include one more chakra that lies six to eight inches above the head, which she calls the soul chakra. The soul chakra stores memories of other lives and present-life purpose, and is thus the center of attention when discussing soul evolvement.

The Meridians

According to Donna Eden and David Feinstein, PhD. in their book, Energy Medicine, “…Meridians affect every organ and every physiological system, including the immune, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, skeletal, muscular and lymphatic systems. Each system is fed by at least one meridian…” The meridians could be described collectively as a river of energy that flows in and out of the body feeding organs, tissues and cells the vital energy they need to operate properly. This river of energy comes close to the surface of the skin along 12 areas of the body, which allows one to interact with them specifically and purposefully. Along these segments of river are tiny reservoirs of heat, electromagnetic and subtle energies that in Chinese Medicine are called acupuncture points. These acupuncture points can be stimulated by needles or physical pressure to release or redistribute the energy in them, affecting thereby, sometimes distant organs. Each segment of this river of energy is named by the primary organ or system it serves. The energy in this river flows more like a wave than a liquid substance, but flows like a tide in that for two hours of the 24-hour day a given segment is at high tide, meaning, at its peak of intensity and a corresponding time 12 hours later when it is at low tide, its lowest level of intensity. Thus, the twelve meridians comprise the following:

  • Spleen Meridian (9 AM to 11AM)
  • Heart Meridian (11 AM to 1 PM)
  • Small Intestine Meridian (1 PM to 3 PM)
  • Bladder Meridian (3 PM to 5 PM)
  • Kidney Meridian (5 PM to 7 PM)
  • Circulation-Sex Meridian (7 PM to 9 PM)

In addition to the above twelve meridians which are again, segments along a long loop of energy meandering through the body, are two additional meridians that Donna Eden sees, they are the Central Meridian (up the midline in front of the body to lower lip) and the Governing Meridian (up the midline in back of the body up back of head to upper lip). These two extra meridians connect with what Donna Eden has called the Radiant Circuits (another system of energy) and are not subject to flow fluctuations like low and high tides as a result.

For a complete description of the meridians and their use in Eden Energy Medicine, please review the chapter on meridians in her book, Energy Medicine, Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality.

The Aura

Surrounding the physical body is an energetic shell that when properly expanded extends out from the body approximately eight to ten feet. This shell is very important in protecting the body from the physical environment and from energies that penetrate it. It is a safe cocoon in which the body can broadcast thoughts and feelings and filter thoughts and feelings from others. It is multi-layered, most agreeing on seven as the number of layers within the shell corresponding to the seven chakras to which it is attached. Many people can see the aura of another person, appearing as clear, wave-like energy, like heat rising from the pavement, or as colors, a single color, or multiple colors at once, dancing around the person. When I first studied the aura and practiced my “vision” to see my own, I would sit in a chair and gaze at my fingers, without really looking, and soon I would see an outline appear around every finger, then a light shining from the tip and then I would see the outline clear as day, the area outlining my fingers looking identical to the lines on my finger pad, an energetic fingerprint. It is easy to “see” your aura with some practice and a little direction, as lines or a full blown color blossoms.

Other Energy Systems

Donna Eden has been seeing energy from the time she was born so when she looks at someone she says they are all lit up like a Christmas Tree. She sees more energy systems than most who document energy systems of the body. In all, she sees nine energy systems:

  1. Basic Grid
  2. Aura
  3. Electrics
  4. Celtic Weave
  5. Meridians
  6. Chakras
  7. Five Rhythms
  8. Triple Warmer
  9. Radiant Circuits

For the purpose of this introduction to the Energetic Body, suffice to say, there is much to explore in this energetic realm.

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