I am a 71-year-old woman who has a masters in nursing. I have been practicing my profession for nearly 50 years and have a strong trust of western medicine. That being said, I have had a few medical challenges over the past several years and have sought the aid of alternative medicine along with western medicine. I have consulted with Annette over the years and have experienced distant healing through her on at least three occasions which I found very helpful. There was one occasion that stands out in my mind. I had a severe cough that kept me up all night (may have been whooping cough). I was being treated for it by my physician, but nothing was helping. This was the first time I worked with Annette to do distant healing. It was a very easy process where I gave her permission to enter my body and I tried to relax during the energetic healing session. I felt nothing except that I didn’t cough for a solid 3 hours (a miracle to me) and was able to finally rest. After that session, I had more energy and, though still coughed, this illness fully resolved shortly afterwards.

I have been very open with Annette about what my western medical doctors have prescribed. She has welcomed this information and can work with it for better outcomes. I know now that there is a complementary place on our health continuum for both western and alternative medicine.

– Diane F.

It was fate that brought my family to Annette Goggio. I was not intentionally searching for help when I bumped into her but as fate would have it, our lives would change forever. My husband had recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 54. Annette began treatment sessions on him leading up to his surgery and continued following his post operative care. The surgery to remove his prostate was a success and the cancer was gone with no need for additional treatment thereafter. The funny thing is my husband was completely oblivious to Annette’s “energy healing” intentions and techniques, meaning he was simply participating in the treatments without fully understanding or necessarily believing in them. The treatments were a successful part of his positive health outcome and we are so grateful to Annette!

Little did we know that our young seven year old daughter would be diagnosed with a life threatening childhood disease within two months of my husband’s surgery. Immediately Annette began treating our daughter in conjunction with the doctor prescribed chemotherapy and massive amounts of immune suppressing steroids. Our little daughter allowed Annette to treat her without necessarily understanding what was happening during these sessions. I point this out because I believe it is important to share that you don’t have to be consciously aware of the treatment techniques of Annette Goggio in order to have a successful outcome. There was no way of fully getting my seven year old daughter to understand and buy into her energetic healing, yet the healing was so powerful and effective regardless. Thankfully our daughter is healthy and free from this horrible disease and Annette’s treatments were an intricate part of her successful outcome.

I feel like our family landed into the healing hands of Annette Goggio during a time in our lives that we needed her most. She even treated me during this extremely difficult period as a mother of a very sick child. It’s painful for me to speak about it and I don’t talk much about it now, but I am forever grateful to Annette and her healing techniques.

– Gigi H.

My little Yorkie, Bailey, had an extremely aggressive bone eating disease that started on his toenail.  The only option that the Veterinarian had was to amputate his toe before it went into his foot. The surgery was a relatively simple surgery.  The challenge that she had was his trachea. A portion of his trachea had been collapsed for about 4 years. The last time that she had done surgery on him it was touch and go after the breathing tube was removed………. trying to keep the collapsed portion of his trachea open.  I reached out to Annie……. She and her Guide, Jonathan, were with Bailey remotely during the surgery. They were able to keep his trachea completely open during and after the surgery when the breathing tube was removed. The Vet couldn’t believe how well he did. She had to end up removing 2 of his toes but was able to remove all of the diseased area before it could go any further.  He recovered very quickly and didn’t even miss his 2 toes! What a Blessing! I truly believe in the type of Spirit Guided Energy work that Annie can do.

– Joan J.

I am a retired primary care physician and have worked as a client of Annette Goggio’s for about a year.  I consider myself as a spiritual rather than practicing religious individual who believes in the existence of a higher being or form of universal consciousness.  I personally do not believe in reincarnation or the after life. Although Anne also offers regression therapy to help one uncover a past life or lives, I chose not to partake of that option.  She is non judgmental and never pushes the client in a direction that they choose not to follow.

During the previous year, I had been experiencing increasingly severe low back pain that radiated into my lower thighs and legs and increasing weakness especially in my right thigh.  My MRI revealed advanced degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis and pressure on the nerve roots to my right thigh. There were also numerous kidney stones, including one at 12 mm that is too large to pass thru the body.

In short, my spine was a mess and my world of tolerated activities seemed to be shrinking rapidly.  Although I tried physical therapy, an epidural spinal canal injection, and several other complementary strategies,my progress was slow and limited.  The neurosurgeon recommended a 2 level laminectomy, spinal decompression and fusion procedure.

Anne’s approach was different and offered me an alternative to the risks of surgery.  I was also intrigued about this concept called Energy Medicine with a heavy emphasis on the spiritual realm.  I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So over the next year, Anne and I met a couple of times a week for energy treatments, sometimes hands-on and sometimes distant healing.  The hands-on sessions were preceded by counseling and dream analysis. Anne coaxed me to keep a dream journal and then would offer her insight into the significance behind the dreams.  I learned from her, techniques for clearing my own chakras, mindful meditation exercises, and how to move my own energy around my body. She also added a water aerobics program designed to rebuild my strength, balance and stamina and to get my body’s energy flowing again.  I began to see some real improvements in how I physically, emotionally and spiritually felt, and how I could start to return to previously shunned physical activities.

I found myself quite surprised to initially experience increased aching in my leg and gurgling sounds in my gut during long distance sessions. I could also sometimes experience seeing different shades of color and fleeting images behind closed eyes as she acted as a conduit for her spirit guidances to help manipulate my body’s energies.  I liked this alternative explanation she offered to being the healer. Hands-on sessions also sometimes gave me fleeting visions of colors and pulsating energy patterns, and always left me in a relaxed, comfortable and peaceful state of mind, body and soul.

I also enjoyed the lessons learned from her mindful meditation exercises, and how to move energy within my own body.  Reading her book “Healing, A Conversation” helped offer a framework for viewing one’s life choices and passages in the context of continuing challenges.  The information gleaned from the book plus the dream analysis and counseling sessions helped me to better understand how personal loss including death of a family member, losing almost all of our pine trees from the California drought, and the rather abrupt end of my 40 year occupation as a practicing physician all helped to contribute to my spinal challenges.

One experience in particular stands out for me.  Around Christmas of 2015, I had a kidney stone attack culminating in passing a tiny 2 mm stone. Remembering prior diagnostic scans also showed a 12 mm stone too big to pass, I sought a urological consultation.  The specialist suggested a lithotripsy procedure to help crush the stone. While I pondered having it done, Anne administered a Long Distance Energy Treatment. Shortly thereafter, I had another CT scan of the kidneys.  Much to my amazement, the 12 mm stone was gone and replaced by too numerous to count 1 to 2 mm stones. As Anne noted, perhaps I was the recipient of a divine lithotripsy!

Today, my back issues have stabilized and I am able to participate in daily activities I had previously avoided like golf, yard work and walking.  My journey to wellness remains a work in progress and Anne’s assistance has been most appreciated.

Each of us must make their own analysis and choose which path to take on the road to their own healing and wellness.  I would encourage others to look closely at what Anne Goggio has to offer in that regard.

– Joel F.