Healing is a Quantum Phenomenon

Most people do not understand the healing process, nor do they care to. If healing involves a pill and the pill alleviates the noxious symptoms then great, done. Most doctors don’t understand the healing process other than perhaps the specific actions of the drug they are administering. I’ve heard a physician say on a call with a number of doctors from academic clinical centers around the U.S. that “healing is a mystery after all.” Healing is not a mystery, but its nature may surprise you.

Things go wrong in the body because the cells go wrong. The cells go wrong because the information in the cell goes wrong. Instead of the rough endoplasmic reticulum assembling perfect proteins, it constructs imperfect proteins, compromising the structural integrity of protein synthesis. Instead of signalling the endpoint of mitosis, it keeps dividing. In medical terms, homeostasis, or the stasis of those parameters necessary for cell metabolism (pH, temperature, osmolarity, and nutrients, water, sodium, calcium, etc.), describes only the physical aspects of regularity.  Homeostasis is also dependent on the energetic imprint of the cell’s beginning.

Before one atom is made, before any molecule or cell, an energetic outline of each physical part of the body is created. That may sound far-fetched but research has shown that an energetic matrix is responsible for the regeneration of physical tissues in reptiles and is also responsible for “phantom limb pain” in the area of severed or amputated arms and legs in humans. This energetic matrix serves as the blueprint for every cell in the body. The blueprint contains the instructions for how each cell is to operate, first as a generic or stem cell, then altered to perform specialized functions such as a red blood cell or an epithelial cell in the wall of the intestine. That energetic matrix is a part of the quantum energy field, hence, the reason why we are all connected to All. The quantum energy field literally folds a part of itself at the moment the gamete or union of sperm and egg is formed, creating the energetic blueprint that will eventually produce a total human being. From that moment on, each cell is informed by the energy field within, giving instructions constantly for perfect functioning.

Illness is the product of errant messaging in the body. Contamination of the energy field within cells may come from toxicants in the air, water, land we occupy, or it can come from messaging from within our body–thoughts and emotions. We know that anger and despair can alter the chemistry within our bodies. We know that love can too. Those changes in body chemistry come from thoughts and emotions. So too, they alter the energy field if such thoughts and emotions persist, unrelenting. Non-constructive thoughts and emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, remorse, resentment, grief and sorrow break the code in the messaging to the cells if it goes on too long. Thus, the messaging needs to be repaired in order to repair the physiologic processes.

The messaging can be repaired in many ways, all energetic, though the form of the energy can differ. Chemical energy, or the energy within solutions (as in pharmaceuticals, naturopathic or homeopathic remedies, and even flower essences) may be enough the “remind” the cells what to do or to stop an errant process that needs to be turned off. Electromagnetic or subtle energy, as in acupuncture (assisted with electric current), acupressure, or hands-on healing techniques may be sufficient to return the cells to homeostasis. Sometimes application of the intelligence of the quantum energy field is necessary to “make over” the energy blueprint that was originally set up (as in the channeling of divine energy). In each of these cases, the quantum energy field is applied albeit at different frequencies to overwrite errant information in the cell. The data bank held in the cell is refilled, rebooted, the cell as a living thing, existing within the larger universe of the body, is made whole again. Health is restored.

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