A Quickening Is What I Call It

Today is the day of marches. It comes the day after the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Many who are marching are using their bodies and their signs to object to what has essentially already happened—the revolution—or in my mind, the re-volition (the re-exercise of will).

I, like many others, have reacted emotionally to the events post-election that have brought us a number of billionaires and special interests to the highest posts in our government, and worried about the individuals and families that would be hurt by impending legislation. My only consolation in ruminating on these facts is the realization that, in installing Trump as President, we will be moving ever faster toward a better world.

Wait, you say, you can’t mean a better world. With all the casualties of proposed legislation to end government regulation of corporations, of women’s rights, rights of the common man, of access to health care, how could that be a better world? Not in the short term, clearly, but eventually, yes, a better world. A world in which power is not a verb or a noun attached to anything but the word energy, solar or wind.

With the election of Trump, a counter-measure to all things we have staked our lives on, our education, financial, political systems, our understanding of life at its most basic, we have elected a turbo-charged change-maker. Contrary to the President’s mantra, whatever we end up with in the years ahead, it will surely be ruin.

The changes he will bring about in this country were already underway. The ruin. He will only highlight their existence, and speed the course. He is playing out a role chosen for him to play at the highest order. Yes, I mean God. A quickening. Think how many more years we would be observing a sickening display of corruption in our courts, our financial system, our political system if Hillary Clinton were to have been elected (I remind myself of the ineptness of the (corrupt?) electoral college that brought Trump to power in spite of the popular vote). In other words, we would be on the same path toward ruin with Hillary Clinton as we would be with Donald Trump, only at a lot slower pace. It is Trump’s role to break every rule, trample over every social nicety, ignore every institution, revered or reviled, in order to get us to where we need to go—redemption.

This world needs to change. We are in it at this time for the purpose of riding through this change process, this breaking down to the elemental, all that we have known, to re-create that better world, a world in which we bring forward our best qualities as souls. Pray.

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