Being Psychic

To admit to being psychic is to invite derision. Even worse, ostracism. So it follows that no one should in his or her right mind reveal that they have received impressions of events that a few days later actually occurs. No one should take notice of thoughts that spring into one’s mind right before someone speaks of such thoughts, the same ones, in the same way, in the same order. No one should speak of hunches or feelings that reveal an inspiration in their work, a new formula to a chemical equation, a new design, or a solution to an argument. No, to do so, one risks being outside the norm, labeled a freak, a lunatic. For God’s sake—don’t invoke a pendulum!

Psychic ability is inherent in our being, though, like a dormant appendage (take the appendix for example), it does not express unless it is used. Some use it well. Without much effort they drive down a road and think of a friend and get a feeling that the friend they are thinking of is in trouble and find that the friend’s car has broken down on the road nearby. Or out of the blue feel their attention drawn to an area on a mountain above their home, not knowing why they feel drawn to look in that direction and three days later a devastating fire comes up the ridge in exactly that place. Some hold car keys and are able to describe the person who owns those keys, their personality and potential future. All of these experiences are considered psychic phenomena, a mental or soul experience as distinguished from the physical or physiological (as defined by Funk & Wagnalls). I assert that these experiences, coined psychic experiences, are not psychic at all, they are a part of a continuum of sensory materia that we hold within ourselves to detect and react to our earthly environment. Being able to sense something before it happens is no more special than burning your finger on a hot stove. I say this because we are neither this as opposed to that, me versus the chair I’m sitting on. All is energetically based, all is made up of energy, puddles of energy that take form into me and into this chair but essentially, atomically, sub-atomically, we are one and the same energy.

Energy has no beginning and it has no end. The wave continues infinitely. The wave collapses into particles at times to make a chair, say, but around it are waves. These waves carry information, like messages carried by the wind, and when such information is relevant to our psyches, we pay attention, we look up and see the place where the information says a huge fire will appear on that ridge in a few days. My ridge. Next to my home. Warning!

Thus, when I write about conversing with my Spirit Guide, Jonathan, in my book, Healing: A Conversation, and profess to have written down every word I heard him say, consider the following: this is normal for someone who has developed and exercised her full bandwidth of sensory materia. According to principles of quantum physics, the energy field is endless and therefore so is geography—meaning, this world and others (like “heaven”). So, what is the obstacle in the way of talking to, seeing, working with souls in another dimension such as “heaven?” There is none, only our belief in a materialistic world. Next time someone tells a tale of precognition (the foreseeing of events), or telepathy (I thought of her and she immediately called me!), congratulate them on using their, ahem, appendix!

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