To Spirit Enthusiasts–Warning!

While learning about our connection to the spirit world is essential to understanding soul evolvement and our own progress as a soul life after life, it is important to not engage with spirits on your own. I say this because, though there are souls in the other realm whose purpose it is to watch over us and help us gain our intended life lessons, there are other souls who have not passed into that realm and are traveling about in the astral plane looking to create some trouble for you if you inadvertently invite them in. The problem is, until and unless you KNOW who is with you, is communicating with you, DO NOT ENGAGE THEM. The only way you can truly be sure who is with you, communicating with you, is by being with a trained Spiritualist who can see the spirit and learn of its origin. It is highly unlikely that your Spiritual Guidance will be able to communicate with you directly or indirectly through moving objects, making noise, etc. Your vibrational energy has to be extremely high and clear to do so. Most human beings resonate at a much lower frequency and are full of non-constructive emotions. I was introduced to my Spiritual Guidance after years of training with Dixie Yeterian, renowned clairvoyant and healer. When I was writing my book, Healing: A Conversation, in which I was writing verbatim what I heard in a telepathic conversation with my Spiritual Guidance, Dixie Yeterian had to make sure by being with me during these conversations that it was in fact my Spiritual Guidance and not a discarnate entity pretending to be my Spiritual Guidance. They do that–pretend to be an exalted spirit to get you to let down your guard. So please:

  • Do not talk to spirits in a general way, if you want to talk to someone go to the highest power (God, Holy Spirit, the god of your choosing, Jesus, Mary and nothing lower)
  • Do not use a Ouija Board–ever–it is the quickest way to get a discarnate entity involved in your life and not in a good way
  • Do not use a pendulum to get answers to yes, no questions or any information–you do not know who is operating the pendulum
  • Do not use angel cards, Tarot cards, or any cards that someone unseen can choose for you–this is the same as a pendulum or Ouija Board
  • Do not go on a guided meditation that leads you to talk to your Spiritual Guidance–when you meditate you can leave your body and get into the Astral Plane where not so nice discarnate entities can take advantage of you–if you travel anywhere in the spiritual realm, you need your Spiritual Guidance with you at all times and until you know and are familiar with your Spiritual Guidance and are trained properly to do so by a vetted clairvoyant
  • Do not practice automatic writing which is allowing someone else (unseen) to operate your hand–this is the same as a Ouija Board possession. I did not use automatic writing to write my book, I wrote what I heard in my mind, that is completely different, my hand was under my control
  • Do not call in dead relatives on your own to talk to them, they may or may not show up, and someone else might instead, unless you can see spirits clearly, and recognize them, not just blobs of light

So, as you can see, there are many ways to get yourself into trouble as you begin to explore your spiritual heritage. Many in the mind-body-spirit “industry” want you to do things you shouldn’t do because it makes money for them if you do. They are either offering courses naively that inadvertently get people into trouble with possessions (a real thing), or don’t take this spirit thing seriously enough. I can attest to the seriousness with which you should take learning about yourself through the lens of a larger universe of data. I will, therefore, never urge you to do anything that puts you at risk, through my writings, my offerings or my care of you. Be safe.

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