Celebrating Life

Today the ascension of Jesus is celebrated around the world. According to the Bible, Jesus rose up three days after being crucified on the cross. His disappearance from the cave in which he was placed after death is supposed to be proof that he was the Son of God. A whole new religion was born from this act, Christianity, and the active worship of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

What does this event signify to others who are not Christians, who are not those who believe that the only way to God is through the worship of Jesus Christ? I have an idea, which may be in conflict with this religion as well as a number of other religions. Each has its own explanation or denial of the existence of a person named Jesus of Nazareth, and conflict abounds in their telling of his significance or lack thereof. However, at the risk of seeming even-handed and therefore glib, I offer an alternative explanation as to why this day is important, religious affiliation or none, which I hope will transcend any religious upbringing.

Citing the information I have received through training and communication with the spiritual realm, if we are souls who live perpetually, in and out of body, and in this world many, many lifetimes (perhaps millions) in order to provide our soul experiences for growth and understanding, we may advance up the spiritual ladder to where souls who are the most mature in their evolvement reside. Although not all would agree, Jesus resides in that realm. I understand that realm to be called the Christ realm, and Jesus is referred to as Jesus, the Christ. Other souls we give homage to also reside in the Christ realm, such as Buddha, Gandhi, and Mohammed. Each has had an astounding affect on mankind. Each has demonstrated traits unlike the rest of us and served as our teachers. Jesus demonstrated the most extraordinary feature of our being—redemption. He demonstrated that we, as human beings, can die and yet be redeemed in all our qualities as souls and live on. That feat is what is celebrated today, the perpetuation of life after death.

We celebrate this day also in a symbolic way, by decorating eggs (the seed of life) and the omnipresent representation of chicks and bunnies in all things Easter, harkening the advent of spring and of new life, the rebirth.

It is our choice how much growth and understanding our soul is to take beyond a certain level, but where there is no concept of time, no decision is final. We can always change our mind and go again to soul school and climb the spiritual ladder. According to Jonathan, my Spiritual Guidance from the other realm, the goal in being here on the earthly plane time and time again is to experience everything, absolutely everything in order to have compassion toward others in every circumstance. He said to me one morning: “In order to be compassionate, you have to feel their pain, their dis-order. When you do so, you will understand what it is like to come apart, piece-by-piece, returning to the elemental. Only then can you experience the coming together, the forming of one, the redeeming of your qualities, one-by-one, into a whole that is you and is also God.”

He went on to explain the purpose of what we celebrate today, of Jesus’ death on the cross and his subsequent transition as a soul. “How better to experience this wholeness than to break down, as Jesus did, as he was whipped and tortured, then commanded to carry his death cross. As he was carrying the cross he was experiencing the coming apart. He was aware of this awakening in his hours of pain, and it carried him to his ‘death.’ I say ‘death’ because he did leave his body, he did stop breathing and moving blood to and fro, but he was still awake, aware of the breaking down, the dis-order that was taking place in him. So that death was his experience, an experience he carried through to the moment of redemption, the reclaiming of his self, coming through the ether and forming once again, in order, another body, the body of Christ. He was asked to carry through the whole process, from life to ‘death’ and to life again to display the law of redemption. It is a process we all go through whenever healing is involved, on a small or grand scale.”

As I was going through my own healing journey when we had this conversation, he went on: “You are going through it [the process] right now, moving through ‘death’ to life. Darkness, confusion, discomfort, disorder, to light and reorganization. Do not despair when you are in darkness for it is only part of the process. You will be carried through to the light and you will achieve the body of Christ.”

I am alive today to tell this personal story but the bigger story is that we all experience this process over and over again, we all experience the breaking down to the elemental and the building back up piece-by-piece in every serious illness, in every ‘death’ and what we should celebrate more than anything today is that, at the end of it, we all remain a part of the body of Christ, a part of the All, life ever after.

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