microphoneStrange coincidence or something else? You decide. Click on the podcast below to hear the latest program on the extraordinary experiences of ordinary people who have interacted with the quantum energy field and the explanation of these experiences by world-renowned scientists. Entanglement and beyond.

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Karsten Heuer, wildlife biologist, and Leanne Allison, environmentalistA husband and wife team take on the task of following a herd of 120,000 caribou from the Canadian Yukon to the Arctic Coast and back to document the animals’ fragile existence, but in the process, discover something even more important about themselves.    MORE

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“The Maharishi Effect—The Art of Yogic Flying”
"The Maharishi Effect - The Art of Yogic Flying"

“Seeing Your Future—Again”
"Seeing Your Future - Again"

“Health,Wealth and Happiness—
And the Alignment of Your Home”

“Health,Wealth and Happiness—And the Alignment of Your Home”

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What is the Quantum Energy Field? For an explanation,
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