Pain (The First in a Series)

Pain, whether emotional or physical, is scary. We ask ourselves, will it get worse? Will I be able to handle it? What does it mean? These questions and others like it inevitably make the pain worse, because fear activates pain. Is it possible to live in a pain-less world? No. Is it possible to do something about pain that doesn’t involve a relationship with potentially addictive pharmaceuticals or a psychiatrist? Yes.

What is pain? In the case of emotional pain, it is a build-up of chemicals in the body that emerge as the result of conflict with self. That we continue to stand silent or refuse to change our circumstances in an abusive environment drives a stream of neurotransmitters and steroidal compounds to bathe the very organs we need to stay alive with information that we cannot take care of ourselves, and therefore, the body is in danger. When the body senses danger it sets up another stream of chemicals that trigger the fight or flight response. If we neither fight nor take flight the chemicals steep in the muscles and organs and do damage, a little at a time, setting up an inflammatory response. Inflammation dilates blood vessels to crowd white blood cells into the area, and in doing so, changes the osmotic balance of the tissues, which causes leakage of lymph fluid and other substances into those muscles and organs. Pretty soon the area is red, swollen and hurting.

Not only are the physical structures affected, the energetic structures are as well. Words do damage to the energetic system. The physical body is run on intelligence of an energetic nature for optimum functioning—instructing the organelles within the cells to perform certain functions. This intelligence is set up at the first thought of you becoming you. When the egg and sperm merge, there begins a process of energetic formation, a blueprint of each part of your body drawn to the specifications you desired for the kind of experiences you wished to have as a human being on this earth. The blueprint contains all the instructions for making you, you, and the continuing operation of the body you inhabit. Through life, especially on the earthly plane there are plenty of opportunities to corrupt the energetic intelligence of the body. Think toxicants in the air, land and water, for starters.

The body’s cells can reach back to that energetic blueprint and re-program from time to time, but if the corrupting messages flow consistently and long enough, the cells cannot keep up, and stop working correctly. Words are the greatest corruptors because we consider them harmless, only words, but the body listens, always. Harmful words, words spoken to hurt, to insult, to cut you down in character or accuse you of wrongdoing when none are warranted, stick, stick to the cells, the tissues and organs they reach, and the sticking sets up a conflict with self-image, the knowing of self. Words of this kind do great damage because they can affect a diffuse area and not just a specific organ, so pain may be expressed as general lethargy, malaise or listlessness, even depression. What can stop the pain?

Pain is the body’s signal to move, in other words, to change that which sets up the chemical cascade of corruption. Move away from the fire. If you haven’t got a fire hose, move away from the fire. Sounds simple, but how can it be otherwise? How else could you convince your body nothing’s wrong, no threat is evident? You can’t because if the words continue, there is literally no defense other than moving physically or mentally away. Moving mentally away is tricky, though, because the body is still listening. It comes down to a choice. Do you want the pain? Does the pain serve you in some way? If so, that is another subject for discussion. If you truly don’t want the pain, move away. Move away from the fire.


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