What Makes Life?

So much is said about the growth of human beings, but is that the whole story? From the start, where does the element of life come from? What makes a clump of flesh alive? In asking such questions, usually religion gets involved, but it doesn’t have to. The fact is, all exists, all the time. All that is, exists within a universal energy field, the quantum energy field. Life is an energy field, and life is in everything and all that is not a thing. So when does a thing become alive? It already is.

This may seem an esoteric diatribe, but engaging in it may well clear up some sore points. First, when is a fetus alive? Second, if you abort a fetus, is that murder? Let me explain.

When I came to know the cycle of soul evolvement, I understood that we exist as souls, once made, forever. It isn’t over when we end the life journey we are currently in. It isn’t even over when we finish the cycle of soul evolvement that we connect with being on this earth. We re-cycle as souls over and over, forever. Is that a comforting thought to you? Or doesn’t it make you a little unnerved? Let me say that it won’t always be as hard as it is cycling as a soul on earth. Earth is a difficult place to live out a soul journey. The energy of earth is intense. We are made as human beings here to experience the most intense of emotions and sensations. Be assured, cherry pie tastes best on earth!

Aside from the fact that we cycle through our soul journey on earth for several thousand (perhaps hundreds of thousands of) lifetimes, we do so to learn important lessons—essentially, to gain an understanding of all the emotions, all the possible experiences one can have living on earth. In gaining such an understanding, we gain compassion for all who live as human beings on this earth, hence, empathy and compassion for all.

But what of the making of a human being to carry the soul through all these incarnations? When does it become a human being? To answer these questions, I must step back and say, what we see as the human being is a body suit we put on to carry us through a specific life experience, meaning, a specific set of life circumstances, life events, relationships and resulting life lessons. You may put on a female suit or a male suit, have dark skin or light skin, perfect organs or imperfect ones. You may choose to be born in Scandinavia or the Congo. You also choose your parents and family. You draw from their DNA to make your body—and that’s where the energy field comes in.

In choosing to come to this earth, the specific experiences of a certain life, the quantum energy field creates an energetic imprint of your future human body within the womb. The energy field is intelligent and molds a piece of it into the shape that will become you. This energy imprint is the blueprint for how you are to become you. The DNA serves as the building blocks, not the blueprint as currently thought. The energetic blueprint morphs as needed through the stages of embryonic growth until the final phase of physiologic creation is completed. This is the same process as a seed that holds the energetic blueprint of a tree. The energetic blueprint carries the instructions to make the molecules that combine to make cells, tissues and organs. The gamete (the product of the egg and sperm) is the engine for the work of creating the physicality. That physical form of you will be your home for however long you intend to stay in the earthly plane.

The soul enters in sometime in the last stages of physical growth. The body is literally readied for you during this time and you come in and out trying the body suit on. You can always decide to abandon the body, to wait for another time or another body to come into a life on earth. If you change your mind, it is called a miscarriage. There is no need for the body suit then. Sometimes the body suit is corrupted in utero, by illness or other circumstances and it is altered in its instructions and the soul may then abandon the body. All is of purpose. No real death of a person ensues because you as a soul remain alive, whether in body or not.

Since you are of this quantum energy field, literally made from it, whether as a solid form or a wave, you always exist. You are always alive. That you are outfitted with physical form is not the important part. The important part is knowing that you are you forever, so life in you is always. The physical aspects of you are only temporary.

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