On Soul Evolvement

Life isn’t what it seems, at all. I learned this fact the hard way. It’s true what has been said about life, that you are the star in your own movie, but it was never explained to me why there is a movie playing in the first place and second, who are all these people in it?! Recently I have come to learn the answers to the “who” and the “why.” It’s called soul school. Apparently we come here, to earth, time after time to learn certain lessons that generally speaking, add up to us becoming tolerant and compassionate about everyone. Think Mother Theresa.

We start out as young souls, learning survival skills mostly, lifetime after lifetime, until we master getting our basic needs met: food, shelter, water. Then we learn to get along with others, sharing space and the essentials. Being part of a group is protective and we last longer as human beings. From there we learn the difference between those who have power and use it, and those who do not. Power provides better chances of survival and improved quality of life so we dedicate our time here figuring out how to obtain power over our circumstances. At first we align ourselves with those who have power—we use our assets to do so—like our beauty or other talents. We study how those in power obtain it and forge our own pathway to that end. We may not be kind at this stage of development, because we want what others have and that desire is all encompassing.

Once we learn to become powerful, we go a little overboard and usually make kind of a mess of other people’s lives—but in that effort to wield our own personal power, we change things, we move society forward in new ways of operating, new perspectives, new institutions. The hurt we’ve caused others is turned on ourselves in the next phase of our soul growth and we find ourselves at the foot of someone else’s “boot,” just to understand what trouble we have caused others. This is an important phase of our growth because we learn for the first time what it means to have a conscience. We understand love and we know what it feels like to be hurt emotionally, deeply. After many lifetimes learning humility and devotion to family and fellow man, we enter a phase of intense intellectual curiosity to sharpen our understanding of the world and the people in it. We are more devoted to our own self-learning than others’ and family but we contribute to society as experts in many different fields of learning. That understanding develops into a desire to bring enlightenment to a larger realm, whole societies, in order to better the world.

Finally, after all the learning that has taken place, all the skills are brought to bear in helping others, younger souls to undertake their own studies.

Though it seems quite unlikely that life is so ordered in this way, and that people are characteristically acting according to their stage of soul growth, we need only look around and see that there is not much variation on these themes in regard to human behavior. Much has been put forth by the profession of psychology and its offshoots, to explain human behavior, one theory being that all personalities can be fit into various, specific mythical archetypes such as those modeled after the gods, like Mars and Diana. Why not view human behavior from an alternate reality wherein stages of learning (at the soul level) mimic the educational system? This view describes better a progression toward compassion, which we hold as a desirable goal and trait seen in persons performing particularly altruistic acts. Think Gandhi. Certainly Jesus. Could they not be the oldest souls possible in our soul’s education system?

I earlier said that I had learned that life is not what it seems—the hard way. What I meant by that statement was, I thought my life had been governed by a random or somewhat thoughtless system that was part surprise (not in a good sense) and part destiny. Even though I had studied many years with Dixie Yeterian, a renowned clairvoyant and healer, and was taught in detail about soul evolvement, I remained loosely gripped to the truth of her teachings until I got very, very ill. I was at the point of reviewing my life to say goodbye to it when I received a communication from “the other side” about what all those scenes I was reliving were about. They were not about the specifics of the arguments or the pretense of truth when I was actually lying, it was about the soul lesson I was being given—my important education. I was to learn how to stand up for myself, and value who I was, no matter what the apparent cost—over, and over, and over again, in this relationship, in that job and in that neighborhood, etc. I was told this, and I can assure you, it was a shock. So much so, I lost all the emotional pain associated with those moments, those scenes I was reliving. Dixie Yeterian was right, after all!

I was told, now I can heal, which I did, miraculously.

Those people in my life were props, setting up the scenes, the conversations and the action in the movie that was my life story. Once I saw it that way, my mind cleared. Literally. My head was full of pain.

I was told that I needed the illness to make clear, my life purpose, that I had misunderstood my intentions. I had misunderstood pretty much everything, so now I am assuring you that all is of purpose in your life: the people, the places, your work, your relationships, your frame of mind. You are a soul on your way to greatness!



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